For Buyers

Our real estate listings are located below. Enjoy perusing some potential homes or, if you're excited to get started, call us and we can start looking at some of the beautiful properties Jacksonville has to offer.

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For Sellers

Working with a knowledgable and experienced Real Estate Agent or Broker will increase the likelihood of selling your home quickly and at a premium value. It's a smart decision that pays for itself.

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For Tenants

Need to find a place? We can help. The rental listings are below or you can call us to start viewing rental properties.

Need a tenant application or to pay your rent? We can help with that too.

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For Property Management

Would you like to have everything taken care of for you or would you just like some help in a specific area? Either way, we can help.

Would you like some examples of services we offer? Okay: Rate Analysis, Lease Administration, Building Maintenance, Marketing, and Detailed Inspections to name a few.

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For Real Estate Agents

Hang your hat with other knowledgeable and experienced agents and real estate professionals at a cost that scales to you. We offer four unique plans that are tailored to fit all types of agents.

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For Everyone

Our business philosophy may be a little too simple - we strive to treat others as we like to be treated and not treat others as we would not like to be treated.

According to Wikipedia (check it out here), these philosophies are typically called the "Golden Rule" and "Silver Rule". Neat, huh?

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Pellicer Properties Offers No Obligation Free Consultations

If you are looking to get started, there's no better way than actually starting.

Our Real Estate Listings

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